Sunday, June 10, 2007



My heart is going to explode
And tears will rain everywhere
Happiness and pain all at once
Breaking down and feeling every emotion

Lately life has been whispering in my ear
Trying to tell me a secret
I can see it's lips moving
And I lean in and try to understand
And yet I still can't seem to hear it

Life is trying to tell me something about it 'self
It's trying to teach me a lesson
In it's age old philosophic ways
Wondering if I can still be taught this way.

Through showing me phases of birth and death
And that little by little the pieces fall together
Just as they used to

Do they all have reasons as they used to?
Did I just come full circle?
Is it time to start a new one?

Yes, new circle. New life.
New spirit ..moving on.

22 February 1999

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