Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Cell

My Cell

Stuck in this room, a cell that I've created.
No doors that I can see, I am a prisoner here.
This is my bland world.

My walls are grey
And the room is empty
And even though I see the colors of the world
My grey heart drowns them out.

A black cloud always blocking out the sun.
And rain always washing away the colorful chalk scenes
Scenes of my life
Of what could be
If only I spread my wings
If only I shed these chains

But these scenes quickly get washed away
As I sit and stare mindlessly at the wall.
Feeling empty, detached, alone
Wathing the the same hypnotizing movie, as life slips away

And all I have to do is break out of these shakles
Reach out and touch life
And then the greyness will fadeaway
Only to be replaced by a rainbow soul.

17 July 2002

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